Team Leader 

Terri Blosser


Focus is on Liturgical practices of the parish. The Ministry plans the Liturgical seasons for the coming year and special Liturgical events.


Music Director

Drew Deskur


The goal of the OLGC music ministry is to offer a diverse, common repertoire that nourishes and respects the spiritual needs of all parishioners. Parishioners who frequent one particular liturgy should be able to sing most of the songs if they happen to attend a different liturgy. Therefore, all choirs generally will sing the same songs each weekend, as outlined in the music menu. For pastoral reasons, the music director may make occasional changes for a particular Mass.


“All pastoral musicians-professional or volunteer, full-time or part-time, director or choir member, cantor or instrumentalist-exercise a genuine liturgical ministry. The community of the faithful has a right to expect that this service will be provided competently.”

The choir’s role is to help lead the assembly in sung prayer. We cannot do this well without adequate preparation. Therefore, choir members are encouraged to attend rehearsals regularly. We rehearse in the church on Thursday evenings starting at 7 pm.  If you have to miss an occasional rehearsal, you will need to take music home and learn it on your own. Recordings of some hymns may be available. Choir members needing additional help or other arrangements should contact the music director.

Choirs at Weekend Liturgies
Saturday 5pm, Sunday 7:45am, 10:15am
Resurrection Choir
Funerals, as scheduled
Choir membership
All choirs are open to vocalists from middle school through adults (and instrumentalists with sufficient playing experience). Children in second through fifth grade are welcome at the 10:15am liturgy (and, with permission of the director, at other liturgies) to sing once a month for the Children’s Liturgy.
Choir members should “share the faith (STL 49),” enjoy singing (or playing) liturgical music, want to “serve the community, and express the love of God and neighbor through music (STL 49),” and be willing and able to commit time for preparation and liturgy. Those interested in joining should contact the music director for an informal meeting and assessment of voice part.

STL: Sing to the Lord: Music in Divine Worship

Eucharistic Adoration

Team Leader

Father Michael Galuppi


 Jesus desires that all of us form a very personal and intimate relationship with Him and it is through this most special and personal encounter that we can express our inmost feelings and to listen to Jesus. Eucharistic adoration is a special invitation from Christ: to experience the grace of God, to pray for mercy for ourselves, our family, our community, our nation and the world, and to just give thanks and praise to god for all our blessings. Eucharistic Adoration is every Monday from 9 to 10 a.m. after 8:30 mass.

Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic Ministers are confirmed individuals of the parish who assist in distributing Holy Communion during weekend liturgies and other special occasions and administering Communion to the sick and shut-ins of the parish. Attendance at a training session is required.


Anyone interested in visiting the sick or elderly at home, in the hospital or nursing home is invited to be part of this group. The goal of the group is to let those who are unable to come to church know that they are very much a part of OLGC and that we care. This ministry may also include providing communion when requested.


Lectors assist at weekend Masses and on special occasions by reading Sacred Scripture and leading the Prayer of the Faithful.


Duties include taking up collections, seating worshipers, and assisting the priests when a special need arises.

Adult Funeral Servers

Adult Funeral Servers assist the priest at funeral services. This ministry is open to women and men; there is no age limit for servers.

Youth Altar Servers

Any boy or girl in grades four and above may become an altar server. Duties consist of assisting at Weekend Masses, funerals, weddings, and other special occasions. Training sessions for new members are held during the year.

 Seder Dinner

Seder Dinner is a commemoration of the Passover celebration that brings our modern parish community together to recall the ancient tradition of Church. Many parishioners come to enjoy the traditional prayers of the Seder and share in the Seder meal. Volunteers also help prepare the Supper. Held during Holy Week, this is a satisfying and spiritually fulfilling beginning to the Triduum.

 Stations of the Cross

Stations of the Cross are offered every Friday during Lent at 7 p.m. in various formats: Traditional Stations, Visual stations, Living Stations, Musical stations, and Scriptural Stations. They provide opportunities to reflect on the Passion of Jesus and what he teaches us through it.

Other Special Events

Other Special Liturgical Events: Memorial and Healing Masses are offered during the year.